• Each musician is unique, the musical instruments are finally becoming so!

    SYOS offers you a custom-made sound for your musical instrument

  • Our first products are saxophone mouthpieces

    The mouthpiece is a primordial element in the acoustics of the saxophone.

    There is an infinity of possible mouthpieces geometries: We offer a unique one to each musician.

  • Thomas de Pourquery



    "SYOS... What else ?"



    Thomas de Pourquery won the best album price

    at the French Victoires du Jazz in 2014

    and was elected "musician of the year"

    the same year by Jazz Magazine.


    Sophie Alour

    "I was struck by the originality of Pauline's approach and the promises that it can represent for all the saxophone players. Indeed, we are used to play with what the market is offering us and the offer is not only limited but has defects. Today, thanks to Pauline's research, it seems that the offer is as huge as the tastes of all saxophone players, she is not constrained by the manufacturing process and most importantly, Pauline does not simply display a wide range of mouthpieces but she accompanies the research, tries to understand very closely the musician's requests in order to make a custom mouthpiece, which is the dream of every saxophone player. "

    Photo de Florence Ducommun via www.culturejazz.fr

    Sylvain Rifflet


    "The mouthpieces invented by Pauline and 3D printed are a wonderful evolution: extremely flexible, adjustable, adaptable and reproductible at will.

    This offers saxophone players a way to look for new sounds, news perspectives and to look at the future!"

    Benjamin Dousteyssier

    "I found with SYOS a mouthpiece that I had been searching for a long time. Thanks to Pauline's expertise and imagination, I now have a tool with unique and personalized acoustical characteristics, with great flexibility and consistent with my equipment. SYOS process, completely new as it appears, has a lot of advantages, especially to provide each musician with a custom-made mouthpiece, reproductible and original. Moreover Pauline knows how to translate the sound wishes into parameters of the mouthpiece geometry, so that the result is often really close to the musician's initial idea."

    Pierre-Antoine Badaroux

    "Too often, the musician instruments makers and the musicians belong to distant worlds, which turns opaque for one, the practice of the other. Working with Pauline in implementing the production of an "ideal" sound is an very enriching, fun and inspiring experience. What offers SYOS, except for the wonderful opportunity of a custom-made mouthpiece, is a fascinating process of exchange, definition, experiment, adjustment, which accompanies the building of the mouthpiece and turns it into a very privileged moment for every musician."

  • Our mouthpieces are 100% Made in France!

  • Did you ever wonder how is working your musical instrument?

    We created Cleonide for you. It's a blog which answers all your questions and explains in simplified terms the acoustics of musical instruments.

  • How does it work?

    Here are the steps of the customization package SYOS offers you

    You fill a detailed form

    On your equipment, your habits, your needs...

    Don't hesitate to give us as much details as you can in a way that we can understand what you are looking for.

    SYOS designs a mouthpiece for you

    We take all your answers into account in order to make a special mouthpiece that will fulfil your needs

    This mouthpiece is 3D printed in ABS and then directly sent to you.

    You can test your mouthpiece at home

    Then you give us your feedbacks by filling a new form

    These feedbacks help us designing you a new mouthpiece more adapted to your needs. We keep this process going until you have your dream mouthpiece. 

    You can then order a premium mouthpiece

    You can choose between several materials: metal, resin...

    You can choose between different colors, designs.... The premium mouthpiece is not included in the customization package.

    We are still making some tests, we will give you more details soon. 

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  • Who am I?

    My name is Pauline Eveno and I have a PhD in Acoustics.

    I have been doing research on the acoustics of wind instruments for many years. I decided to use my scientific knowledge to bring innovation in the musical industry and offer more adapted musical instruments to musicians.

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